Altus Atlantic48™ High Performance system

Product Description

Specified for grand homes, edgy architecture, extreme locations, super weights, and is ideal for integration into commercial applications. 

This product is capable of reaching up to 3.2m in height, or higher depending on unit type and application. The suite well exceeds the extreme wind zone requirement.

The system integrates seamlessly with our other product suites, including the Flush Glaze and Shop Front ranges, to ensure a flawless architectural result.


  • 48mm platform, with 106 and 159mm options for frames and mullions
  • Up to 36mm double glazed unit capacity
  • Performance expectation beyond 3000pa ultimate wind pressure
  • 25mm facings, 19mm reveals, E2 type install frame options
  • Flat and square front face
  • Seismic frame options

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