Rusticated Wood Grain Weatherboards

Product Description

Palliside’s colour is not just on the surface… as part of the manufacturing process it’s right through the thickness of the weatherboard ensuring maintenance is minimal. An occasional wash down keeps it looking just like new, leaving you time to enjoy your life!

By eliminating the need for painting and minimising maintenance Palliside® ensures you save money now and in the future. Palliside® Weatherboards are double profiled, ensuring that they are quick to install – effectively cutting the installation time in half and reducing the cost of installing Palliside®.

Palliside® Weatherboards are manufactured in New Zealand. They’ve been designed and tested here to ensure they provide excellent protection from the damaging effects of our harsh climate.

They’re impervious to moisture so they won’t rot or break down while the anti-capillary groove and interlocking nature of the Palliside® design helps prevent moisture from getting in behind the weatherboards.

The entire Palliside® Weatherboard system has been independently tested to ensure that the product complies with the New Zealand building regulations. The extensive testing at BRANZ gives the homeowner confidence that they are getting a quality product that will last.

The Palliside® system comes with a full range of accessories to ensure an attractive finish. These include moulded corners and finishing plugs that provide a smooth surface. 80mm round coloured downpipes are also available to match the colour of the weatherboards.

Palliside® Weatherboards are covered by a 25 Year manufacturers’ guarantee. From exposed coastal regions to the temperature extremes of the southern heartland and the tropical temperatures of Pacific locations, Palliside® is being used successfully on a range of housing projects.

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