Product Description

DynaFlash is proudly made in New Zealand from high grade polymers that have been independently tested to ensure their performance.

Universal back flashings. Available in 50x50mm, 75x75mm and 100x100mm sizes.

25m Coil
The builder-friendly carton design allows the installer to use exactly the right amount of product from the long coil.  DynaFlash is easily cut to the appropriate length eliminating joins and significantly reducing waste.

Unique fixing strip
The engineers at DynexBuild have cleverly incorporated the fixing strip into the flashing itself, reducing the need for fixings to penetrate the critical area between the beads.  The flashing can be fixed using staples, screws or nails.

Compressible Co-ex Bead
This unique Co-Extruded Bead is designed to help divert any moisture to the bottom of the flashing.  Due to its compressible and slim nature, this bead will not push out the cladding, reducing unsightly cladding bulges.

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