BGC Innova Durabarrier™

Product Description

Innova™ Durabarrier™ is a rigid sheathing, air barrier for all types of residential and commercial timber framed or steel framed buildings. Durabarrier™ resists high winds by equalising air pressure within the cavity to external conditions.

Durabarrier™ can be chosen as either a 4.5mm or 6mm-thick fibre cement sheet, sealed on the face and edges and specially manufactured for use as a rigid sheathing. 

It is:

  • Resistant to moisture damage and rot when installed correctly
  • Resists Very High wind pressures
  • Face sealed to displace moisture quickly
  • Provides short term weather tightness/security to structures until claddings are installed

BGC Durabarrier is the only BRANZ Appraised Commercial fibre cement Rigid Sheathing/Air Barrier on the market.

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