BGC Durasheet™

Product Description

BGC Durasheet™ is a general-purpose fibre cement sheet for external applications. It is recommended for the cladding of gable ends, eaves, carport and verandah linings of timber or steel framed buildings.

Durasheet™ is a smooth flat square edged sheet and is manufactured in nominal thickness of 4.5 mm, 6.0 mm and 7.5mm.

4.5 mm Durasheet™ is generally used in timber framed residential and light commercial buildings for soffit linings and the cladding of features such as gable ends.

6.0 mm Durasheet™ is recommended for residential, commercial applications and steel framed construction.

7.5mm Durasheet™ is recommended for commercial applications or where greater protection is required.

Durasheet™ is manufactured from Portland cement, finely ground silica, cellulose fibres and water. It is cured in a high-pressure steam autoclave to create a durable, dimensionally stable product.

BGC Durasheet™ fully complies with the NZ Building Code when installed as per E2/AS1.