BGC Duraplank™

Product Description

BGC Duraplank™ is a general-purpose fibre cement cladding for external applications. It is manufactured as a plank, which is reminiscent of traditional weatherboards both in appearance and installation methods.

Unlike weatherboards, Duraplank™ is not subject to timber rot, decay, or insect damage. It will not support combustion. The result is a safer, more durable cladding that requires minimum maintenance.

Duraplank™ is available with either a smooth finish or a wood grain (Douglas Fir) texture for that authentic weatherboard look. At 7.5 mm thick, Duraplank™ has the strength to withstand the rigours of all normal family activities.

Duraplank™ is manufactured from Portland cement, finely ground silica, cellulose fibres and water. Planks are cured in a high-pressure steam autoclave to create a durable, dimensionally stable product.

BGC Duraplank™ fully complies with the NZ Building Code when installed as per E2/AS1.