BGC DuraCom™

Product Description

The DuraCom™ Facade System utilises BGC fibre cement compressed sheeting, offering the ideal solution for cladding the exterior of low to medium rise buildings.

DuraCom™ gives buildings a modern and extremely durable finish.

DuraCom™ sheeting has a smooth, flat surface and square edge finish which is suitable for expressed jointing and provides a facade suitable for a number of finishes - from painted to textured coatings.

The DuraCom™ Facade System:
* is lightweight
* is highly durable
* is weather resistant and is immune to water damage – rated for weatherability by CSIRO
* uses fully sealed and balanced sheeting
* panels will not rot, burn or corrode
* panels are not affected by termites, air, steam, salt or sunlight
* can be easily decorated in a number of design finishes
* is fast to install