Traffic Management - Barriers - Ulti Group Access Way Solutions

Product Description

A certified barrier system that offers exceptional protection against forklift damage to your buildings, assets, personnel and product.

Strength: Certified to stop a 4000kg forklift, moving at 3.5km/hr, 90° to the barrier.

Features and Benefits

Safety - Ulti Barriers are fully certified and provide a robust divider between moving vehicles and pedestrians, maximising employee safety around your facility. 

Save asset damage - If a vehicle comes in contact with your building, repair costs will be huge, whereas in comparison repair costs to a small section of barrier would be very small if installed. 

Modular - Barriers are modular, meaning they can be arranged into different configurations to suit your Traffic Management Plan for your facility, and also meaning if a part of a barrier is damaged by impact, that certain section can be replaced, rather than the full barrier. 

Compact - Having a compact design reduces the barriers footprint, minimizing the space required for installation and maximising your floor usage space in your warehouse. 

Consultation - Sometimes fixed barrier is expensive to move, and may hinder productivity and the flow of traffic at your site, and that’s why we offer Traffic Management Consultancy, to help you make the best decisions regarding traffic management around you facility. 

Ideal for

•    Walkways in dry stores, cool stores, canopy’s and production areas
•    Walling protection 
•    Drop off protection
•    Loading canopies
•    Machine operator protection