Ulti Impactable Barrier - Ulti Group Access Way Solutions

Product Description

Impact Absorbing Barrier Protection

Barriers which bend upon impact, only needing their fixings replaced, protecting your building and assets from damage, as neither the barrier nor the floor are damaged.


Features and Benefits

Hygienic - Barriers are anchored by corrosion proof stainless steel and are 100% water resistant, a fully wash down and hygiene compliant solution – great for any clean room application.

Impactable - Upon impact, Ulti Impactable Barriers absorb the impact by simply bending their fixing in the floor, but not fully pulling it out. No floor damage and minimal barrier damage is incurred, and all that needs to be replaced is the barrier fixing, which is a very simple task.

Lower Costs - By using Impactable barriers, less damage is incurred to both the barrier and vehicle, and expensive assets are protected, meaning reduced repair and maintenance costs when accidents occur.