Safety Barriers - Ulti Group Access Way Solutions

Product Description

There are five types of Ulti Safety Barrier Systems, each with their own key features:

GuardRite Sure Stop
• 200mm high gusseted steel design
• Stops 4500kg, at 6km/h
• Use in most rugged or critical applications

GuardRite Light Duty Barrier
• Cost effective, fixed guard railing system
• Attractive, high-visibility rails absorb incidental impact
• Modular design eases installation
• Allows multiple configurations

GuardRite Heavy Duty
• Traditional steel guard rail
• Stops 4500kg, at 6km/h
• Single and double rail designs

Dok-Guardian Heavy Duty Barrier
• Innovative, proven solution
• Rugged design
• Easily positioned and stored
• Heavy Duty curtain stops 4500kg at 6km/h –
multiple times
• Interlock capability with other equipment

Dok-Guardian Light Duty Barrier
• Stops 450kg at 6km/h