Residential 36

Product Description

For projects that demand a contemporary style, stand-out feature pieces and visual impact, you can’t look past Residential 36.
The contemporary flat exterior aesthetic gives a consistent streamlined look; while on the inside the suite adds impact and style. This suite allows the homeowner to enjoy the best solution for their project and budget. Tested to New Zealand Extra High wind zones at a height of 2.5m giving you peace of mind no matter where in the country you are specifying!

Glazing options

36mm glazing platform provides a glazing capability up to 26mm.


Residential, Multi unit developments, Apartments, Low-rise commercial, Education/Aged care

Best when; 

- modern, flat aesthetic is required

- a standard liner finish is required

Features overview

  • Traditional New Zealand installation method using timber reveals.
  • Full range of mullions and transoms including internal box stiffening or external fins.
  • Hinged/bifold door panels available in 46mm, 78mm or 120mm stile widths.
  • Bi-fold doors can be bottom rolling with the weight carried on the sill; or top hung when the lintel is designed to receive the panel loads. 
  • Sliding doors panels can span up to 2500mm height creating impressive openings & have optional anodised tracks for long term performance.
  • Hinge and bi-fold doors can be manufactured up to 2500mm height in most situations.
  • Sashes can be added without expensive sub-frames. 
  • Heavy duty mullion options that can span up to 2500mm height. 
  • Condensation drainage channel with anti-blow-back valve for high water egress performance.
  • 19mm weather facing flange.
  • Improved IGU capacity allows for larger panes improving structural, acoustic and thermal performance within the scope of this product range.

Proprietary corner cleats
With European led design, we have developed a unique, corner cleat technology. The secret is in the smart design of the corner joint which comprises of a corner casting that ties the corner together resulting in a stronger, more robust joint. Once manufactured, joinery can be ‘handled’ a number of times during manufacture and installation on site. By using the Next joinery with corner cleat technology you can reduce your risk of costly comebacks


Product range consisting of:

- Fixed, awning and casement windows

- Bi-fold windows (open-out)

- Sliding windows (horizontal)

- Hinged doors (both open-in or open-out)

- Bi-fold doors (bottom rolling panels up to 75kg)

- Sliding doors (standard is internal sliding panels)

- Stacking doors (standard is internal sliding panels)



Powdercoated: huge range of standard and non-standard colours.

Anodised: standard colour options are silver, black and bronze, 12, 20 and 25 micron thickness. Other colours and thicknesses are available. 

EUROWOOD™: a range of wood-grain finishes available.



Stella, Kanso and Verta hardware options available.

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