Architectural Cubic 40 (AC40) Window Doors

Product Description

Architectural Cubic 40

The combination of flush surfaces and square shapes gives the AC40 suite a clean modern aesthetic. Designed for robust performance with a larger than normal glazing capacity to allow for modern design requirements and increased glass spans. 
Glazing options
40mm glazing platform provides a glazing capability up to 28mm.
High-end residential or architectural applications where quality, durability and high performance are paramount. Suitable for mid to high end homes, high rise apartments, hotels, commercial and industrial projects.
Best when; 
- modern, flat aesthetic is required
- square stopped gib internal finishes are desired
- direct through frame fixing is sought providing added structural integrity
Can be integrated with other Next Architectural ranges and our commercial product for maximum design advantages.
Features overview
  • Full range of mullions and transoms including internal box stiffening or external fins.
  • Bevelled or square glazing bead options for optimal aesthetic appearance.
  • Hinged/Bifold & Sliding doors can be designed up to 2700mm height in most locations.
  • Hinged and bi-fold doors have 55mm thick heavy duty panels. 
  • Available in 77mm or 119mm stile widths.
  • Bi-fold doors can be bottom rolling with the weight carried on the sill; or top hung when the lintel is designed to receive the panel loads. 
  • Sliding doors have heavy duty roller options for panels up to 300kg.
  • Optional anodised tracks for long term performance.
  • Sashes can be added without expensive sub-frames. 
  • Heavy duty mullion options that can span up to 3m high. 
  • Condensation drainage channel with anti-blow-back valve for high water egress performance.
  • Standard 19mm weather facing flange. 35mm flange option available for increased cladding cover.
Product range consisting of:
- Fixed, awning and casement windows
- Bi-fold windows (open-out)
- Sliding windows (horizontal or vertical)
- Hinged doors (both open-in or open-out)
- Bi-fold doors (bottom rolling panels up to 100kg)
- Sliding doors (inside or outside sliding panels)
- Stacking doors (inside or outside sliding panels)
- Over the wall sliding/stacking panels. Unlimited and multi directional panels operate in track system providing consistent sightlines.
Powdercoated: huge range of standard and non-standard colours.
Anodised: standard colour options are silver, black and bronze, 12, 20 and 25 micron thickness. Other colours and thicknesses are available. 
EUROWOOD™: a range of wood-grain finishes available.
Stella, Kanso and Verta hardware options available.