Lexan Thermoclick Multiwall Sheeting

Product Description

Lexan Thermoclick Multiwall Sheeting introduced by Ampelite provide exciting design opportunities, with their inherent design freedom.

Thermoclick has achieved an Internal Surface Finish Group number of 1-S according to performance determined under the conditions described in ISO 9705:1993 required by NZBC clause C3.4(A). Performance is achieved through MBIE Guidance on European Classification.

Expected Lifetime / Sustainability
The expected lifetime of Lexan Polycarbonate sheet in outdoor applications is generally at least 25 years in intended end-use applications and when proper maintenance is provided.

Sheeting Thickness and Length
Thermoclick panels are 40mm thick and can be supplied in sheet lengths up to a maximum of 11.8m.

Colours Avialable
Standard colours ex stock New Zealand are Clear and Opal. Other colour choices are available subject to minimum quantities and delivery lead times.