SR76 Smoke Reduced Sheeting

Product Description

SR76" Smoke Reduced sheeting by Ampelite meets the requirements of *AS 1530.3, 1989 as shown in the report of tests conducted by AWTA Textile Testing which is available on request from your local Ampelite sales office. SR76" SMOKE REDUCED sheeting is manufactured in all commonly sold profiles in NZ to comply with AS/NZS 4256, parts 1 & 3, type SC, in Clear, Opal and Grey. Additionally, "SR76" can be made to incorporate all the benefits of premium grade "Wonderglas GC" gel coated sheeting and "Cool-lite IR" heat reduction sheeting. Premium Industrial fiberglass sheeting with the same UV resistant gel coated surface as 'Wonderglas GC'.

  • Excellent long-term light transmission
  • Eliminates 99% of harmful ultra violet rays
  • 25 year warranty protection for both water penetration and light transmission