Glass Vice® Residential Balustrades

Product Description

Glass Vice® glass balustrade systems comply with specifications and requirements of the building code. With a Glass Vice glass balustrade you choose Top Rail or NO TOP RAIL Glass Vice glass balustrades have a solution for both options.  You choose either a slimline top rail using Toughened safety glass or NO TOP RAIL using Laminated Sentry guard glass with a choice of Glass Vice glass balustrade solutions

Glass balustrade options by Glass Vice® are the the ideal design solution to enhance the architecture and your lifestyle.  We have Glass balustrade options available for decks, balconies, patios, staircases, steps,  garden or retaining walls and even just as a glass wall or glass partition for a windbreak or a glass enclosure.

All Glass Vice® glass systems have been tested in New Zealand by New Zealand structural engineers - PS1 Design issued for consent on application.

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