Ventia Metal Wall and Roof Underlay with Drainage Mat

Product Description

VENTIA METAL Roof & Wall underlay with DRAINAGE MAT

A specialized, highly breathable, Branz Appraised roof and wall underlay (Ventia Iron 1137 & 1136) with an integrated drainage mat pre-applied.

Branz recommend this type of product is the most effective way to Retrofit wall Insulation in existing homes where the cladding is not being removed.

Designed for use under open-pan style metal roofing such as - Eurostyle, TRS Standing Seam, ESPAN, Eurotray, or Euroline where specific drainage and ventilation is required.

It can help reduce the "oil canning" issue in long run open-pan/tray style roofing sheets.  

Suitable for all climate zones in New Zealand, and for use where early close-in is required.

Suitable for Extra High wind zones. 90 Days UV Exposure.  

Can be used directly on Plywood Sarking and RAB wall systems. 

Not suitable for roof pitches less than 3 degrees.  Roof pitch below 3 degrees require a Specific Engineering Design.