Ventia Iron Roof & Wall Underlay

Product Description

A performance building underlay for use in walls and roofs that well exceed the minimum NZ building code standards.


  • UV resistance - BRANZ-appraised to withstand 90 days of UV exposure. Allowing you to have more building time and ability to handle delays during the building process. Without wasting time and money on replacing the underlay on day 91+.
  • Early Close in - Can be used as a temporary weather protection whilst internal works are completed.
  • Exceptional breathability that greatly reduces condensation. Thus, helps prevent long-term internal building damage. Helps reduce or avoid the health issues associated with damp homes.
  • High absorbency to deal with any condensation that occurs with large changes in temperature over the day-night cycles.
  • Very high tensile strength and tear resistance.
  • Suitable for all wind zones.
  • Fire retardant
  • To be used with sill & jamb corner molds with BRANZ-appraised flashing tape and penetration seals.