ULTI GROUP 4500 Series Retail Swing Door

Product Description

The 4500 Series door provides a premium grade traffic door for the discerning client. Utilising a unique insulated panel and robust seal system these doors are a long-proven solution for busy openings allowing free access through the door in both directions.


Maximum Size:  2.75m H x 2.46m W
Max Opening Angle: 90º
Material: 45mm heavy duty polyethylene insulated panels, std. in Ultra-grey
Warranty: 12 Months


Features and Benefits

  • Always swing shut
  • Simply crash through
  • High quality aesthetics
  • Insulated for increased thermal performance
  • Customisable


Crash Through - Impactable buffers give the door extra durability and make them impactable - from both sides!

Insulated - 45mm thick foam core panels provide savings on air-conditioning and energy costs, by creating an effective thermal barrier between two areas.

Seals - Full surround seals prevent dust, insect and contaminant intrusion.

Spring Buffers (optional) - Fully moulded plastic loops bolted to the door panel, creating a robust spring buffer that absorbs large impacts.

Kick Plates (optional) - Flat polyethylene plates that are fixed to the door panels to prevent gouging and scratching. This option does not absorb impact from trolleys.

Signage (optional) - Having double glazed vision windows means custom signage can be placed between the two window panes, thus protecting your message from damage and ensuring it is always readable.


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