ULTI GROUP Ulti Komby High Speed Door

Product Description

Best of both worlds! Combing the Ulti Roll high speed door with our secure Roller Shutter door in one common frame, to provide the ultimate security and maximum efficiency - all through one entrance. 


Maximum Size: 5.4m H x 6m W 

Wind Resistance: 120km/h (size dependent)

Thermal Resistance: 3.5 W/m2K

Opening Speed: 2.5m/s (Komby Roll)

Warranty: 2 years or 100,000 cycles


Features and Benefits

  • High security
  • Short cycle times
  • Crash resistant 
  • Increase value and versatility of the building


Speed - The PVC Doors can move at up to 2m/second, meaning minimised cycle times, thus decreasing energy costs and minimising the chance of forklift impact, greatly enhancing productivity.

SecurityLock down your doorways at night with the Roller Shutter Door, which due to being designed so durable provides high security, preventing theft at your facility.

Economical optionThe Komby Door is low cost yet effective option for where strength, security and efficiency need to be maximised.


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