ULTI GROUP 2400 Series Flexible PVC Swing Door

Product Description

These doors are a long-proven solution for very busy openings, allowing constant personnel access through the door in both directions. These ‘crash doors’ swing both ways and are engineered to withstand the kind of punishment that traditionally hinged doors simply can’t cope with. The clear-view PVC panels enhance safety and provide an effective environmental barrier to control noise and contamination.


• Always swing shut
• Simply crash through
• Great for staff only areas
• Proven reliability
• Ideal for high use doorways
• Fully adjustable to suit any applications
• Designed for retail, food production
and medical applications


Maximum Height: 3.2m

Maximum Width: 2.4m

PVC Panel: 7mm thick Duraflex (for above 0 degrees) or Polarflex (for below 0 degrees)


Features and Benefits

Crash through - These ‘crash doors’ swing both ways and are built to take the impact from trolleys and forklifts. They provide environmental protection by always closing behind you.

Coloured Panels - Optional coloured panels are used to create privacy and add colour, enhancing both security and aesthetics.

Incorporated Signage - Your preferred signage or logo can be incorporated into the door panel, meaning it will never be worn or removed like an exterior sign would be.


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