SmartClad Weatherboard System

Product Description

What is SmartCladTM?

SmartClad weatherboards are made from New Zealand’s sustainable trusted wood source — radiata pine. They’re 100% timber, not plastic or composite. SmartCladTM weatherboards have the standard bevel-back shape, that New Zealander’s have loved for over 60 years They come in two standard sizes, and are six metres long.

They are sealed with our custom coating and primed on four sides before they leave the factory.

The big difference is, our boards can be installed using our unique SmartCladTM hidden fixing clip — the SmartClip.

How does it work ?

The SmartClip is screwed into a receiver groove at the head of each weatherboard. Each board has a custom rebate on its reverse which fits snuggly over the SmartClip. The downward action of the screw attaching the SmartClip, securely fastens the board onto the clip on the underside.

With SmartCladTM there’s no through-face nailing, or puttying or sanding required. And for further ease of application, the SmartCladTM  system also includes pre-shaped window scribers window facings and corners.

Good looks that last

Many homeowners are first attracted to SmartCladTM because they love the high-quality finish that comes with the system. Every board is perfectly smooth, there are no nail marks, and windows and corners are immaculately finished.

High performance in all weather.

The ability for a cladding system to withstand any weather, including extreme tests such as tropical storms, is always top-of-mind for home owners. Developed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions, SmartCladTM has a proven track record that will protect your investment for years to come.

Smarter finish

With SmartCladTM there’s no through-face nailing required, which means there’s no potential for damage to the exterior of the weatherboard during construction. When they arrive at your building site, SmartCladTM weatherboards are already expertly finished and primed.

With correct care and attention to installation pre-shaped scribers, window facings and corners ensure that finishing details fit neatly with the weatherboards.

Year after year

The weathertightness and precision of SmartClad’s fixing system, along with in-factory finishing and priming, help to ensure the exterior of your home will maintain its good looks with minimum maintenance, year after year.

With SmartCladTM you’re protecting your home’s value and the long-term street appeal of your home.

Peace of mind every season

SmartCladTM weatherboards are made from treated radiata pine, so they are resistant to rot. The superior weather performance of the SmartCladTM system has been proven in the test laboratory as well as real life. What’s more, the system comes with a warranty.

Ideal for recladding projects

New Zealand’s on-going leaky building crisis has motivated many homeowners to return to the reliability of timber weatherboards. Old and new existing homes can be quickly and cost-efficiently reclad with SmartCladTM.

As with traditional weatherboards, walls covered with SmartCladTM have an internal cavity that helps the home to breathe and stay dry.

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