SL Group 3 Bromine Free Fire Retardant Industrial Fibreglass Roofing

Product Description

Ampelite SL Group 3 Fire Retardant fibreglass sheeting fully complies with Australian Standard AS 1530.3 1982, and the independent test report provides data which enables you to fully evaluate it's properties.

You can specify and install Ampelite SL Group 3 Fire Retardant sheeting in all commercial or industrial buildings with no restrictions, and with the assurance of long life and tested performance. All profiles are available.

SL Group 3 Fire Retardant fibreglass sheeting is very similar in appearance to regular GRP roofing material, but its fire resistant properties make it the preferred choice for all fire hazard areas.

Available Colours and Profiles
Permaglas is available in Clear, Opal and Grey. Other colours can be produced to order for viable quantities. All current profiles (shown on separate publication) such as Corrugated, 5 rib, LT7, BB900, etc. plus most superseded profiles are available.

Ampelite (NZ) limited is the only fiberglass roof sheeting manufacturer in NZ to be ISO accredited as well holding the internationally recognized 5 Tick standards certification mark.