PosiGlaze Channel Glass Balustrade System

Product Description

The PosiGlaze System (Metroview Channel) was developed for cantilevered structural balustrades to cope with the transition from monolithic Toughened Safety Glass (TSG) to Toughened Laminated Safety Glass (TLSG). The unique design uses a special high strength hollow-core aluminium extrusion and special glass clamp kits that secure and locate the glass into the aluminium section. 

Metro Glass PS1 System

Key Features

  • The PosiGlaze System can be base fixed (top) or side fixed (face) mounted.
  • PosiGlaze's clever locating and adjusting technique allows installers to adjust the glass panels once in place, with a turn of a spanner, saving on installation time.
  • Simple to install align and adjust.
  • Hydraulic Pool Gate & Panel Clip Hardware, is available to suit pool balustrade applications. (Refer to Frameless Pool Fences for specific design notes).

Material Finish

  • The sections and covers are fully anodised to 25 microns for durability and come standard in a unique brushed anodised finish which give a 'Stainless Steel Effect'.
    Powdercoated upon request. Note: Powder coating is available in a wide range of colours with commercially available surface integrity warranties from 10 to 30 years.
  • Important instructions - Attachment to structures;
    - An EPDM or similar material spacer must be used to separate all aluminium items from all timber, concrete and steel structures. Failure to do so can lead to the chemicals in the structure affecting the surface finish on the aluminium.
  • All fixings must be Stainless Steel.

Occupancy Type

  • Suitable for occupancy types A, B, E, C3, C1/C2, D (subject to glass & fixing type)
  • Occupancy types as per AS/NZ 1170.1.2002.


  • Exceeds the wind loading for all Wind Zones up to and including Extra High Wind Zone as set out in NZS 3604:2011
  • Max design Wind pressure subject to glass type and fixing method.

Interlinking Rail

  • All monolithic toughened frameless glass balustrades must have an Interlinking Rail to conform to NZS 4223.3.2016, including the latest amendment of NZBC B1.
  • Railing and Handrails Systems


  • Complies with AS/NZS 1170:2002, NZS 4223.3.2016,
    NZ Building Code B1, F2, F4 and F9.

Scope of Use

  • PosiGlaze is the perfect choice for residential to light commercial installations where a frameless glass balustrade is desired.
  • Our high specification glass clamping mechanism locks glass panels into position effortlessly with four immobilising fasteners, per meter of channel. Should the need arise, it remains possible to re-align or even remove individual panels after the initial installation has been completed.
  • With the use of a trapezoidal adjustment mechanism, it is possible to horizontally align each individual panel of glass to create an immaculate and seamless finish
  • Where required, an interlinking rail finishes off the system, producing a low profile modern look.

Metro Glass PosiGlaze Downloads

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