Permaglas - Industrial Fibreglass Roofing & Skylights

Product Description

Permaglas - Industrial Fibreglass Roofing & Skylights sheeting by Ampelite has set the standard for industrial skylights in New Zealand for many years, providing high levels of light transmission, excellent spanning, and low thermal expansion. The highest-quality materials available and the very latest resin technology are used in the manufacturing process, making it a durable and cost-effective skylighting option. Permaglas industrial sheeting filters out 99% of harmful UV rays, giving excellent protection from the elements while still letting sunlight through. More recently, Ampelite has developed Wonderglas S-996, which has all the physical properties of standard Permaglas Industrial Fibreglass sheets, as well as ultimate durability from the use of Ampelite’s unique Gel Coat Technology.

Permaglas industrial fibreglass sheeting is manufactured to suit most commercial roofing profiles used in New Zealand and in strict accordance with the New Zealand standard AS/NZS 4256, Parts 1 & 3: 1994.6. Permaglas comes in two different levels of performance depending on your budget and application. Please use the information in the table below to choose the Permaglas most suitable for your application.

Tough polyester surface film that prevents reinforcing fibres becoming exposed to the surface; a maximum transmission loss of 30% light over five years. UV-stabilized surface film with improved light transmission over a longer period of time; high resistance to yellowing, discoloration, and surface erosion.
Carport, sheds, garages, and farm buildings. Light industrial buildings, workshops, and warehouses.
5 Years 10 Years
15 Years 20 Years