Product Description

Some sparkies reckon its the biggest innovation since the leather lace up.

Introducing our next generation platform designed with electricians for electricians.
The 2017 Gold Design Award winning PDL Iconic™ range is an all-new electrical accessories range, based on a slim, new design platform that is easy to customise and blends in perfectly with a wide range of environments. With Bluetooth and ControlLink technology, PDL Iconic offers style and connectivity options now and into the future.
PDL Iconic won the Gold Award at the 2017 Best Design Awards, run by the Designers Institute of New Zealand.
Judges comments about PDL Iconic included "Its seamless attention to detail, Lego like ease of installation and user flexibility combined with impeccable production values made the Iconic series a winner in the judges eyes.  
“The system is aesthetically restrained and quietly elegant in a category where innovation and trade acceptance require powerful creativity and switched on user insight.”
It's a game changer