600 Series

Product Description


Over seventy practising electrical contractors were involved in the design and feature specifications of the PDL 600 Series range. Behind the switch plates are a host of innovative timesaving installation and safety features built in. 600 Series utilises the world-leading innovation of the front-loading 500 Series module. Designed and manufactured for New Zealand homes and buildings, 600 Series is a popular classic found on the walls of many Kiwi homes, and trusted by electricians.The high quality finish - unhindered by any visible screw caps, combines the practical, non-marking advantages of a switch plate with a traditional finish. Front loading mechanisms for easy installation and soft rounded edges are just some of the practical features this range is known for.



  • Front-loading switch mechanism can’t be knocked back into the wall
  • Easy installation
  • PowerHead terminal screws for easier installation
  • Double powerpoint with USB outlet available in vertical or horizontal switches
  • Push button switches available
  • A variety of different cover plates available to customize finish
  • Large range of mechs available to suit most applications



  • Residential
  • Schools
  • Tertiary institutions
  • Commercial buildings
  • Hospitals and care facilities
  • Hotels
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