Stylish, smart, simple: Can a home really be all three?


Case Study Description

When it comes to building or renovating, homeowners want spaces that are designed to reflect their style and make their lives easier. Creating a smart home, while not compromising on style is now simple with PDL by Schneider Electric’s beautiful electrical accessories range, Iconic®.

Featuring three designs and nine finishes, the award-winning PDL Iconic switchgear complements any architecture and interior décor. The original Iconic range offers unlimited flexibility with standard white and subtle colour variants while Iconic Styl adds elegance, colour and simplicity with its sleekly luxurious design and metallic finish. Bring a touch of nature home with Iconic Essence, enhancing the mid-century modern styling with its real birch timber edges. Developed based around a unique grid design with easily clip-on, clip-off skins, it’s incredibly simple for the switchgear designs to be upgraded or refreshed and can be safely done by anyone.

PDL Iconic also provides clever functionalities like USB chargers, sensors, night walks and can make any space smarter easily and affordably. Using Bluetooth connectivity, control lights, dimmers, power outlets, set up timers and schedules through the PDL Wiser Room app from a smartphone or tablet. These value-added functionalities will bring homeowners extra comfort, convenience, security, safety and energy efficiency – all at their fingertips.

As trends and technologies are constantly evolving, PDL Iconic provides a future-proof package for any renovation or new build to create stylish, smart and energy-efficient homes.

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