Ozone Glass Hydraulic Patch Closer EN5 High Strength

Product Description

Ozone Plus is the latest and most innovative offering for internal frameless glass doors and pool gates. Some of the main advantages of this new fitting are no more pre setting or cutting out concrete in single and multi storied buildings (which can weaken the slab) to allow for cumbersome floor boxes, alleviating large amounts of messy concrete dust and the need to work after hours. The base of the Ozone Hydraulic Patch is mounted directly to the floor making it very simple to install, far more cost effective and a less labor intensive option.

The Ozone Hydraulic Patch has multiple adjustments and settings as shown below and conforms to International standards for fire and safety and also meets ISO 9001 standard for it’s quality management system.

The Ozone Hydraulic Patch Fitting is suitable for internal up to 1250mm wide maximum and external doors up to 1000mm wide maximum, made from 10 to 15mm toughened safety glass.

Ozone Hydraulic Patch Closer EN5 Parts and Install Instructions