Austvision Bi-folding Door System

Product Description

Austvision frameless folding door systems are designed for heavy duty commercial applications up to 3.0m maximum opening height.

The Austvision frameless door systems are available in 2 variants:
• Austvision Slydstack door system
• Austvision Bi-Folding door system

The key difference between the 2 systems is the method the door leaves is stored away. In a Slydstack door system, the individual door leaves are stacked parallel to one another (see Figure 1). In a Bi-folding door system, the individual door leaves are folded like an accordion (see Figure 2).

The glass is suspended from the overhead aluminium track using door rails (as shown in figure 1) or door spider fittings (as shown in figure 2). A maximum of 15mm toughened, heat soaked tested glass can be supported in the door rail option or a maximum of 12mm in the door spider fitting option.

Austvision frameless door systems feature innovative dual nylon wheels in the roller carriages for better weight distribution and stability. All Austvision frameless door systems come standard with Euro type plunger locks, floor weather seals and head smoke seals.

Finishes available in:
• Satin stainless steel finish
• Polished stainless steel finish
• Mill aluminium covers for powder coating/ anodising on request only.