INTELLO® Intelligent Airtightness & vapour control membrane

Product Description

The Pro Clima INTELLO® airtightness system prevents uncontrolled air infiltration or leakage through the building envelope, and assists the drying capacity of the building through its unique moisture control properties.

INTELLO® Roll sizes:  1.5m x 20m (30sqm) or 50m (75sqm) and 3.0m x 50m (150sqm)

INTELLO® is a high-performance vapour check and airtightness membrane that provides optimum protection for all thermal insulation in roofs, walls, and floors as well as protecting the internal structure of the building from moisture intrusion.

An optional continuous cavity for electrical and plumbing services can be created on the inside face of the external wall by fixing battens horizontally over the INTELLO® membrane before installing wall lining. The main advantage of a service cavity is to shift the plumbing and wiring out of the insulation layer. It also reduces the penetrations through the airtightness membrane allowing easy and fast installation of services. A service cavity also eliminates pressure points on the inner lining (e.g. plasterboard) from insulation expansion. 

The INTELLO® system includes the following components:

  • The INTELLO® PLUS high-performance reinforced connection strip is designed to connect the internal airtightness membranes at the junctions between internal and external walls and ceilings.
  • ORCON Liquid Adhesive is a durable airtight sealing glue suitable for bonding all Pro Clima products to any building material (smooth or rough, masonry or timber).
  • ROFLEX sealing grommets are made of strong and flexible EPDM for rapid and permanent airtight sealing of cable and pipe penetrations through the airtightness layer.
  • TESCON® VANA provides a secure and permanent airtight seal of overlaps between INTELLO membranes, joints between membranes, and smooth non-mineral surfaces. It is also suitable for sealing joints between wood-based panels.
  • Use TESCON® PROFIL for junctions between windows or doors and indoor vapour checks, Also for junctions between roof underlays, wall and roof membranes, and smooth, non-mineral surfaces.

INTELLO PLUS Appraisals & Certifications:

  • BRANZ - BRANZ Appraisal 1149
  • Living Building Challenge - Red List Free product
  • National Asthma Council - Sensitive Choice product
  • Passive House Institute - Passive House Certified component

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New Zealand Study on Airtightness and Moisture Management

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