KAFLEX MONO Sealing grommets for 1 cable 6 -12 mm

Product Description

KAFLEX mono/duo are airtight and weathertight sealing grommets made of strong and flexible EPDM with an integrated adhesive flange. KAFLEX is a beneficial component of all air barrier and weather resistive barrier systems. It is compatible with membranes, underlays as well as rigid sheathings, rigid wall underlays and rigid air barriers (RAB).

Strong, flexible, UV stable up to 180 days, with integrated adhesive, and simple-to-remove release paper, ensures maximum productivity during installation. KAFLEX provides an airtight and watertight adhesive seal to the substrate and pressure seal around the cable, for excellent seals under all conditions. Cables and pipes can be pulled and pushed without damaging the airtightness layer.

Sealing grommet for 1 cable or pipe Ø 5 mm - 12 mm

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New Zealand Study on Airtightness and Moisture Management

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