Product Description

IBS RigidRAP® is an 8mm OSB3 (Oriented Strand Board) which has been manufactured specifically for New Zealand, for use as a bracing element and/or rigid air barrier. IBS RigidRAP® is the only dual layer rigid air barrier system available in New Zealand and comes laminated with a watertight wall underlay. It gives your house dual protection from the weather during your building process and replaces traditional building wrap. When compared to similar products it is more cost effective, easy to install and is lightweight.

As an OSB3 panel manufactured in accordance with EN13986:2004, it is suitable for use in humid conditions where the panel in-service moisture content does not exceed 20%. Compliance with the NZ Building Code (NZBC) is established through product certification (CodeMark). IBS RigidRAP® meets all the requirements of Table 23 (clause E2 - external moisture) from the compliance document for the NZ Building Code.

Intended use for IBS RigidRAP® are:

  1. External wall bracing
  2. External wall wrap - rigid air barrier
  3. Temporary weather cladding.

IBS RigidRAP® benefits:

  • Reduced building time and rigid structure
  • Lightweight material, simple and easy to install
  • Provides rapid moisture protection of the building
  • Allows for interior construction to continue
  • Provides a greater level of site security
  • Reduces structural timber movement
  • Provides both structural support
  • Provides weather tightness


2440mm x 1196mm x 8mm, 14.9kg

2745mm x 1196mm x 8mm, 16.8kg

3050mm x 1196mm x 8mm, 18.6kg

Where can I use RigidRAP®?

RigidRAP® is an 8mm OSB3 product that has been laminated with an approved building paper to give your house dual protection from the weather during your building process.

It is not only a temporary weather cladding but also provides bracing. The product is lightweight, easy to cut, nail or screw, and can be exposed to the weather for up to 90 days.

Make your house warmer – quieter & stronger with IBS RigidRAP®.

IBS RigidRAP® replaces the traditional building paper wrap to above all, support a healthier, stronger home.

IBS RigidRAP® is the next generation of rigid air barriers which is laminated with a BRANZ appraised
watertight wall underlay.

Certifications and Compliance

  • CodeMark Certified (CM70035)
  • CE certified under EN 13986 and produced in accordance with EN 300
  • Continuous third party testing through an independent notified body in the EU
  • Hard-wearing exposure tested by SCION New Zealand (90 days exposure)
  • Meets all requirements of the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC)
  • PASS Product Assurance Supplier Statement
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