Product Description

EUROLine is an OSB (oriented strand board), moisture-resistant, engineered structural wood panel. It is manufactured in Europe from a sustainable and renewable resource. It consists of three layers of wood  strands bonded together with heat-cured adhesives. The layers are oriented at right angles to adjacent layers to create a strong, dimensionally stable panel that resists delamination and warping.

EUROLine is available in panels of 2440 mm in length, 1220 mm in width, and thickness of 9, 12 and 18 mm.

EUROLine Intended Use

IBS supplies EUROline for use as load-bearing or non-load bearing internal linings; walls, ceilings and general applications. Intended use for EUROLine are:

  • In buildings where the relevant part complies with the NZ Building Code or where the designer and installer have satisfied themselves that the relevant part of the existing building is suitable for the intended building work
  • As a wall bracing element
  • As a ceiling
  • As an internal lining.

Confirm the intended use is covered by the pass and specify the product; wall or ceiling lining.


  • the use of the building
  • use of the space in respect to fire, water splash, moisture and/or acoustics
  • the supporting structure.
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