FM 1 Fire Curtain

Product Description

The Colt FM1 Fire Curtain is an automatic fire curtain that seals off an area to contain a fire and to prevent that fire from spreading to other areas. The FM1 is the latest product development from Colt International Limited’s Centre of Excellence in Germany. It is gravity failsafe, activated by the fire signal or smoke detectors, and is deployed under a controlled rate of descent.  FM1 also utilises the FS1, 2 or 3 side guides systems that loop the cloth around a steel tube within the side guides providing additional seals to contain a fire. Its unique motors and compact controls have built-in overload protection.

The Fire barrier used will provide between 60 to 180 minutes resistance in accordance with DIN EN 1634-1. The 120-C and E180-C versions also have EW30 in accordance with EN 13501-2 which demonstrates that the fabric re-radiates only a limited amount of heat. 

Upon receiving a signal from the fire detection system or on loss of power the curtain automatically unwinds. A heavy bottom bar is fitted to the bottom edge of the fabric to pull the curtain down, to keep the material taut, and to provide a suitable finish when the curtain is retracted.

Testing / Certificates

Fire Resistance test according to EN1634-1

Continuous performance test (10,000 cycles) in accordance with DIN4102-18

Classified to EN13501-2

Fire Resistance

E60-C, E120-C & E180-C

Limitation of heat radiation: EW30-C

Self-closing feature: C2

Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008

CE-Certification FM1 E60, E180

CE- Certification FM1 EW30