Ebony & Ivory Showers

Product Description

The Ebony & Ivory Collections - a concise handcrafted collection of showers, vanities and baths designed to work together for dramatic effect.

E&I Collection is founded on the contrast and undeniable simplicity and beauty of black and white.  From beautiful flowing curves to sleek and elegant lines, Ebony & Ivory Collection ensures and encourages freedom of expression for the most creative, luxurious and function bathrooms.

Handmade from elegant and durable LibrettoStone - a mix of resin and fine stone properties that is then cast and polished to create beautiful bathroom pieces - and featuring solid timber detailing, Ebony & Ivory Collection products are designed and built to last a lifetime, and to look beautiful while doing so.

- Durable and easy-to-clean LibrettoStone construction

- Silky smooth black and white stone  finish with optional timber detailing

- Various sizes and shapes of all products to suit any unique bathroom


The Ebony & Ivory base is a non-tiled elegant prefinished shower base available in Black or White.

- Solid LiberettoStone construction Black or White Shower Base
- Slim 35mm base height
- Wall glazing channels
- Screens (in choice of sliding, fixed or hinged options)
- Stainless Steel hardware
- 100mm wall upstand
- Easy to install