Cool-lite IR - Heat Reduction Roofing

Product Description

Cool-lite IR Heat Reduction Roofing by Ampelite controls heat and saves on energy costs. With the skyrocketing cost of energy production, today’s buildings call for energy-efficient designs. Allowing high levels of natural light into buildings can reduce energy costs associated with artificial lighting; however, this natural light can then lead to rapid interior heat build-up due to the penetration of solar heat from the sun, actually raising energy costs from the need to cool the building. Cool-lite IR is premium grade sheeting with the same highly UV-resistant gel-coated surface as Ampelite Wonderglas S-996 (formerly called Wonderglas GC). Cool-lite IR filters out 99% of harmful ultraviolet radiation but allows a high level of visible light. At the same time, it reflects out a large percentage of infrared waves, reducing heat so your building stays cooler. Now you can turn the most powerful light source in the universe into the most effective low cost, low temperature workplace lighting. The full test reports are available from Ampelite (NZ) Limited.

Superior Features of Cool-lite IR

  • Light transmission is maintained. Loss of light transmission after 10 years is just 10%, compared to a loss of 30% for standard surface film protected fibreglass sheeting. Cool-lite IR has a highly UV-resistant gel coat of 100 microns.
  • Very high resistance to yellowing and discoloration. Over 10 years, changes are negligible and are covered by warranty. Only minor changes may occur in later years.
  • Surface erosion (fibre show) is eliminated. It is covered by warranty for 25 years.
  • Low surface erosion. This also improves weathering properties. The 100 micron gel-coated surface provides an impenetrable barrier and the sheet is warranted against water penetration for 25 years. Inbuilt UV protection eliminates 99% of harmful UV Rays.