Product Description

COLORSTEEL® Matte offers a refined, elegant aesthetic through an innovative new paint technology, specially designed to diffuse light for a soft textured look. An ideal solution for roofing and wall cladding systems that demand a contemporary and sophisticated style. COLORSTEEL® Matte incorporates microwrinkle technology to create a more textured finish with both subtlety and depth.

This new innovation provides the same quality you’d expect from all other COLORSTEEL® products — it is made, tested and trusted for New Zealand conditions.

Key Features

  • COLORSTEEL® Matte uses microwrinkle technology to evenly diffuse light, resulting in an appearance that is much less reflective than typical gloss surfaces
  • Available as either ENDURA® or MAXX®
  • COLORSTEEL® Matte is ideal for roofing, cladding, fascia, rainwater goods and garage panel door applications
  • Available in three colours: FlaxPod®, TidalDrift® and SnowStone®
  • Available in a range of profiles