Product Description

New Zealanders are a hardy bunch. We live and work in some pretty inhospitable environments, with rugged terrain and wild weather constantly putting us through our paces. To protect us in these extreme conditions we created COLORSTEEL MAXX®. Specifically developed to withstand higher atmospheric salt concentrations, the COLORSTEEL MAXX® paint system consists of an AZ200 ZINCALUME® steel substrate to which a multi coat paint system is applied. The system is designed to provide protection against corrosion in areas where severe to very severe environmental conditions are experienced.

Key Features

  • Incredibly resistant to corrosion
  • A 3-layer organic coating consisting of an anti-corrosive and bonding pre-treatment layer, an anti-corrosive primer and a top coat, applied to both sides of the material
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications, including long run roofing, wall cladding, rainwater goods and fencing
  • COLORSTEEL® paint technology provides exceptional resistance to chalking and fade
  • Receives Environmental Choice Certification
  • Environmental Product Declaration available
  • Available in a range of colours and profiles to suit any home or building