Wonderclad GC

Product Description

Wonderclad GC is a solid colour fiberglass sheet spefically designed for areas where corrosion resistance is vital. Complete buildings can be clad and roofed with "Wonderclad GC" which is 100% opaque. For extreme environments, where high levels of acids or alkalinise may occur, "Wonderclad GC+" which incorporates vinyl ester resins, will provide additional protection.

Superior features of Wonderclad GC

  • Full range of colours available
  • Available in a range of standard thicknesses from 1.1mm to 2.6mm.
  • The top (weatherside) is gel coated with a specially formulated highly UV resistant resin.
  • Surface erosion is eliminated and covered by Warranty for 25 years.
  • Low surface erosion also improves weathering properties.
  • The gel coated surface provides an almost impenetrable barrier and is warranted against water penetration for 25 years.
  • Good resistance to a range of commonly used chemicals.


  • Fertilizer and Agricultural Chemical Plants
  • Corrosive Chemical processing
  • Petrochemical environments
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Marine Environments
  • Mining Industry
  • Paper and pulp manufacturing
  • Salt extraction and desalination plants
  • Power Stations