Ulti Safe-T Gate Vertical Barrier

Product Description

Barrier & pedestrian gate combo

An easy to use but yet robust and effective safety gate, improving safety at your facility whilst not affecting productivity.



When lowered, this high visibility lift-up gate acts as a barrier and can withstand 90kg of force from any direction, protecting traffic from entering personnel and machinery zones at your facility, yet still providing an open accessway when needed. This helps minimise damage and therefore costs to your assets at your facility. 


Ergonomically friendly

Gate simply lifts upwards and folds out of the way of traffic manually, and its counterbalance system makes operation extremely easy, requiring less than 12kg of force. Gate is upward-biased in fully raised position, and downward-biased in fully lowered position.


Automatic Option

The automatic Safe T Gate is great for dock loading systems, where there are large drop-offs beyond the doorway. This can also be interlocked with other loading dock equipment by using the Dock Commander, to ensure the safest sequence of operation.