ULTI GROUP Ulti Insulated Sectional Door

Product Description

This door system combines enhanced sound and thermal insulation properties, with clean, modern designed 60mm micro-profiled panels. Application options are almost limitless due to the extensive range of colours, vision options and unique hardware configurations available, making it ideal where insulation is particularly important.


Maximum Size: 6m H x 8m W   

Wind Resistance: 180km/h (size dependent) 

Thermal Transmittance: 1.19 W/m²K 

Opening Speed: 2m/s 

Warranty: 1 year or 100,000 cycles


Features and Benefits

  • Energy efficient
  • Highly insulated
  • High wind strength
  • Exceeds AS/NZS standards, safety certified by TÜV Nord
  • Multiple track configurations available
  • Optional panel colours
  • Optional vision windows or panels


Insulated - With a low U-value of 1.19W/m2K, the Ulti Insulated Sectional Door provides your doorways with excellent thermal control, reducing heat transfer in hot and cold weather. 

Tight Seal - Weather-tight seals around the perimeter of the door mean these doors are great for external applications, especially for a dock door, to reduce energy losses around the perimeter of the door. 

Acoustic Benefits - With a 25dB Acoustic Rating, it provides a substantial acoustic barrier for your facility, blocking off any unwanted noise from either inside or outside. 


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