ULTI GROUP Ulti Rollout Container Shelter

Product Description

The Ulti Rollout Container Shelter creates a weather-protected environment for safe and efficient loading of goods to or from shipping containers positioned near a door opening. It protects product from potential damage from rain, dust, birds etc. and reduces energy loss in chilled loading environments.


Maximum Size: 5025mm H x 5000mm W x 12000mm L

Wind Loading: Class 2

Warranty: 24 months


Features and Benefits

High Value: As compared to any traditional container docks, the design simplicity of being able to complete loading at ground level is a significant cost benefit in facility construction. The shelter system can replace more expensive options such as large loading canopies or recessed dock pits.

Easy Operation: Using  galvanized steel pantograph style arms and nylon roller wheels at the bottom it extends out or collapses away with ease.

Method of Operation: Position container adjacent to the shelter. Manually pull out shelter until it envelopes the end of the container. Open container doors and begin loading.