ULTI GROUP Ulti Flex Bi-Parting High Speed Door

Product Description

The Ulti Flex Bi-parting door is the benchmark for cold storage doorways. Reliable and rugged, efficient and energy conserving, speedy and safe it will save you energy and improve efficiencies while reducing maintenance costs at the same time. 


Maximum Size:  5.4m H x 3.2m W
Thermal Transmittance: 0.23 w/m²k
Opening Speed: 2m/s
Warranty: 2 years or 100,000 cycles


Features and Benefits

  • NZ designed and manufactured 
  • Energy saving
  • Low maintenance
  • Impact resistant
  • Short cycle times
  • Optional curtain colours
  • Can be configured as Single-Slide (single panel option)


Unmatched Insulation - 150mm thick panels and seals on all four sides give this insulated cool store door 100% insulation, and couple this with short cycle times and your energy expenditure will decrease rapidly.

High Speed - Faster opening speeds equal shorter cycle times, less energy loss, improved safety and reduced damage. The Ulti-Flex travels at 2m/sec – which is fast. Very fast.

Safety - Safety is maximised around the door through the use of two through-beam photo eyes, safety reversing edges, optional additional photo cells and light warning systems and an emergency manual release in case of power failure

Crash Resistant - Insulated panels flex, twist, bend and knock right out to nearly 45 degrees, reducing impact damage and minimising repair costs.

Short Cycle Times - Opening at 2m/sec, bi-parting to allow full height immediately, and cutting the travel distance in half through using a two-door operation means cycle times are kept to an absolute minimum. Being bi-parting means it only has to open to the width of the object moving through it, not the height like vertical moving doors do.


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