ULTI GROUP Ulti Fastrax FR High Speed Door

Product Description

This industry leading door is a fast, efficient, safe and insulated cold storage door system. These significant benefits combine in one door that is simply superior in every key aspect required by discerning cold storage logistics operators. 


Maximum Size: 5.4m H x 3m W

Thermal Transmittance: R-4

Opening Speed: 2.5m/s

Warranty: 2 years or 100,000 cycles


Features and Benefits

  • Energy saving
  • Low maintenance
  • Impact resistant
  • Simply safer by design
  • Short cycle times


Unbeatable Insulation - Energy savings can be guaranteed with the Fastrax FR’s robust insulated curtain, which eliminates ice build-up in your freezer, reducing defrost cycles and saving on clean-up labour costs. 

Speed - With operating speeds up to 2.5m/sec the FasTrax FR is the industry’s fastest door, shortening cycle times and maximising productivity and energy savings.

Versatile Track Designs - Allow the door curtain to store in multiple track configurations, so as to fit almost any application with fewer costly building modifications. 

Safety - The industry’s safest door with multiple safety features including the reversing bottom edge, thru beam photo eyes and optional motion detection, as well as preventing slippery floors due to no ice build-up. 

Accident Proof - In the event of an accidental impact the door will simply knock-out of its guides before relocating itself, undamaged, back into position, reducing maintenance costs. 


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