TopLine L

Product Description

TopLine top running sliding door systems let you create sliding doors in a new dimension: luxurious opening and closing and first class Silent System performance. And all this for an incredible breadth of applications and furniture ranges: user friendliness as a fascinatingly new experience with a feel of luxury.


  • Minimalist design for maximum storage space: TopLine L offers plenty of freedom for large-format cabinets.
  • Silent System for TopLine L: even heavy, large doors reliably close in silence. A particular bonus in rest areas.
  • Universal running and guide components suitable for solid fronts and for aluminium-framed fronts.
  • Easy installation: screw-mount runner and guide profile. Hang doors and clip into place.
  • Precision height adjustment for perfect gap alignment.
  • Suitable for doors 16mm—25mm thick.


  • 2-track, top running sliding door system
  • Overlay door position
  • For wooden doors or wood / aluminium-framed doors
  • Door weight up to 50kg
  • Door height up to 2600mm
  • Door width 700mm — 1500mm
  • Door thicknesses 16mm, 18mm, 19mm & 25mm
  • Height adjustment +/- 3mm
  • Tested to EN 15706, Level 3