AvanTech YOU

Product Description

AvanTech YOU is a design-focused thin-walled drawer system. It allows an unparalleled amount of individualisation, exceptional quality and performance, and an innovative approach to construction. The 13mm drawer profile in 4 side heights presents a sleek aspect. All adjustments and fittings are housed internally for an uninterrupted inner and drawer side.

AvanTech YOU offers two choices of runner so you can meet your customer within their scope without compromising any benefits of a premium drawer. It improves on existing thin-walled drawers through small and impactful changes to its production processes. Design focused additions, including DesignCapes and Design Profiles, ensure AvanTech YOU is the perfect drawer range for New Zealand’s bespoke build culture. Where colour has been the focus in all other aspects of interior design, now too is it customisable in and outside your drawers.