TESCON VANA Multi purpose adhesive tape

Product Description

TESCON® VANA airtight sealing tape is an essential component of all air barrier systems. It is compatible with membranes, underlays as well as rigid sheathings, rigid wall underlays and rigid air barriers (RAB).

TESCON® VANA is airtight and vapour permeable. It is flexible, easy to cut, and has a simple-to-remove release paper, ensuring maximum productivity during installation. TESCON® VANA provides an airtight adhesive seal to the substrate, forming excellent seals under all application conditions.


  • Long-term durability (tested for 100-year adhesion*)
  • Flexible to account for building movement
  • Outstanding adhesion on cold surfaces
  • Thin, highly pliable and easily formed into corners and shapes
  • Airtight connection for the life of the building


Product Catalogue

New Zealand Study on Airtightness and Moisture Management

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