TESCON® PRIMER RP Solvent-free primer

Product Description

TESCON® PRIMER RP is applied to porous substrates to prepare the surface for optimum adhesion of TESCON® VANA, TESCON® PROFIL, TESCON EXTORA®, TESCON EXTORA® PROFIL & TESCON EXTOSEAL®. Use TESCON® PRIMER RP to prime substrates such as timber flooring, masonry, fibre cement, plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), and other porous or friable surfaces prior to application of pro clima tapes.

This product is designed to enhance adhesion to porous substrates and allow for a highly durable airtight seal and is suitable for bonding all pro clima tape products to any porous or friable building material.


  • Very high adhesion
  • No drying required prior to application of tapes
  • Deep penetration into the substrate & excellent hardening
  • Application on damp surfaces is possible
  • Solvent free