TESCON NAIDECK Double sided butyl rubber tape

Product Description

TESCON® NAIDECK is a double-sided self-sealing strip, designed to seal penetrations of purlins, battens or studs. It can be fixed directly to, or behind, your weather resistive barrier (WRB). It forms a durable seal around any nail or screw penetrations, and is an essential part of low-slope roof systems.

TESCON® NAIDECK is compatible with the pro clima SOLITEX MENTO® and SOLITEX EXTASANA® membranes, as well as other wall & roof underlays, rigid sheathings, rigid wall underlays and rigid air barriers (RAB).

TESCON® NAIDECK can also be used in façade applications behind purlins, façade clips and mounts for the ultimate in windtight and watertight WRB at high wind pressures. It is flexible, easy to cut, and has a simple-to-remove release paper, ensuring maximum productivity during installation.


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New Zealand Study on Airtightness and Moisture Management

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