Product Description

SuperSlab is an above ground engineered flooring system, commonly known as a rib raft foundation, pod floor, waffle slab or floating foundation, that delivers real benefits over a conventional concrete floor and foundations.

A grillage of beams within the concrete slab provides a stiffer and stronger final product than a conventional 100mm concrete slab on grade, and because of its inherent strength a deepened perimeter footing can usually be omitted.


Where to use it?

SuperSlab can be used on all ground conditions regardless of your land classification, including:

  • Residential foundation and floor slabs 
  • Shed floors
  • Small commercial buildings
  • Warehouses

Benefits include:

SuperSlab has the following benefits over conventional floors and foundations:

  • Faster installation
  • Assurance of engineer designed system 
  • Minimal Excavation
  • Low soil-bearing capabilities (perfect for soft ground)
  • Multiple pod void former options available 
  • Energy efficient and improved thermal performance (R-value)
  • Makes service installation easy!


Multiple Pod Options Available

SuperSlab offers multiple pod void former options that include traditional polystyrene pods and a sustainable recycled plastic pod, QPOD. Both options replicate the standard 1100mm x 1100mm square and 220mm deep pod layout.